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QUICK QUICK SLOW is a romantic, gay two-step comedy: PRISCILLA, QUEEN OF THE DESERT meets STRICTLY BALLROOM with a dash of URBAN COWBOY.

TEXAS, 1994 - After only serving in the military for one year, Jesse McAllen is unexpectedly kicked out - losing her GI Bill and with it, her dreams of higher education - reluctantly returning to her small hometown of Stephenville, Texas.

The whole town learns the reason for Jesse’s sudden departure from the Air Force when Jesse’s chain-smoking, whoring Aunt Sadie bursts through the church doors to reveal Jesse’s big secret – she was kicked out for "admitted homosexuality." Chaos ensues. Jesse’s best friend Elaine - the preacher’s daughter - suggests Jesse leave Stephenville for Austin, where Elaine’s brother manages a restaurant.

Jesse busses it across Texas to meet up with Elaine’s brother Dean, hoping to secure a place to stay, a job, and maybe a new life. Sporting a ponytail that has seen better days, Jesse pushes her way through two large wooden doors...doors that swing open like an old-time western saloon. (Are those horseshoes emblazoned on those doors?) Loud, fast, country music permeates the hazy bar.

This is The Cattle Prod. Jesse learns that Dean does not run a regular ol' restaurant - but rather a gay country and western dance club where a sea of Marlboro Men spin each other around the floor. Dean, his rich boyfriend Manuel, and the rest of the gay male staff take Jesse in as one of their own.

When two-left-feet Jesse finds out about the Southwest Regional Gay Country & Western Dance Competition with a cash prize of $10,000, she sees it as the perfect opportunity to get back to college! Jesse prevails upon Dean to enter as her partner; he refuses - he'd been sabotaged at the last event.

With help from sexy Cattle Prod DJ Melissa; a homophobic ballroom dance instructor; other bar regulars; and finally Dean, Jesse wins not only a chance to compete, but also romance, as well as a sense of self and community...learning that sometimes family isn't what you're born into - it's what you build out of what you find.


Produced in May 2012
Feature Film

Currently in Pre-Production. Interested Producers and Investors please email GINJAR for a .PDF copy of the feature screenplay.

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